Monday, February 18, 2008



Did newton really find the gravity law when he was resting ?
Was Columbus really an explorer? How did Thomas Edison create the light bulb?

In daily life, you wonder and ask. But sometimes those questions just stop there. You think and then you forget about it. Its good to ask questions and be curious. But dont be extra curious unless your goal is to be a detective.

Some people find true happiness through spiritual activities. Some just love to go to parties to grab happiness. Different people enjoy different things.

Also, some people lie. They lie in order to survive. Lie about everything and others will be amazed or respect them.
Everything about them is not that true.

Sometimes, you back stab other people to keep on living. Even your own friend. You cant always be nice. You cant survive if you cannot get what you want.

Its true that a picture paints thousand words. Things are not always the way you look. If you happen to see a happy couple enjoying their time, think, they surely have gone through some bad times.

Dont you think that what we have today, technology wise, is so so great. Our grandfathers or people before them surely didnt get to enjoy what we have today. Still, be thankful because they were the ones who donated the main idea.

Great people are admired. They say that best phrase in science is not ' eureka ' but ' why ' . That is when you wonder and hopefully you'll achieve your goal.

Life is something you live forward but you learn backward.

Please, stop the war. No matter where you people are. Dont kill innocent people.

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