Thursday, February 28, 2008

I am so hungry. I can eat a car now. ROARRRRRRR

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sometimes, the things that we like to do are not good for us and things we dont like are Good for us.

Monday, February 18, 2008



Did newton really find the gravity law when he was resting ?
Was Columbus really an explorer? How did Thomas Edison create the light bulb?

In daily life, you wonder and ask. But sometimes those questions just stop there. You think and then you forget about it. Its good to ask questions and be curious. But dont be extra curious unless your goal is to be a detective.

Some people find true happiness through spiritual activities. Some just love to go to parties to grab happiness. Different people enjoy different things.

Also, some people lie. They lie in order to survive. Lie about everything and others will be amazed or respect them.
Everything about them is not that true.

Sometimes, you back stab other people to keep on living. Even your own friend. You cant always be nice. You cant survive if you cannot get what you want.

Its true that a picture paints thousand words. Things are not always the way you look. If you happen to see a happy couple enjoying their time, think, they surely have gone through some bad times.

Dont you think that what we have today, technology wise, is so so great. Our grandfathers or people before them surely didnt get to enjoy what we have today. Still, be thankful because they were the ones who donated the main idea.

Great people are admired. They say that best phrase in science is not ' eureka ' but ' why ' . That is when you wonder and hopefully you'll achieve your goal.

Life is something you live forward but you learn backward.

Please, stop the war. No matter where you people are. Dont kill innocent people.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Back to mundaey.

Thats it.Times up. Weekend is over. Now i have to restart everything again. How pathetic and boring. To think about it, some things are Hard when you dont understand the concept behind it. But when you get the idea or hold of it, it will eventually become easy. Mmhm. Anyways, im actually jealous of these two peeps. So happy together. heheh

have a fantastic week folks.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Streets of love by Rolling Stones is the perfect song for me right now. ( Dear God by A7X too heh )

So yes, its Saturday and im home. As usual, i do not know what to do, where to go, what to eat and everything else. Im bored of everything. I feel like climbing Mount Everest and just shout out loud. What about you? Arent you bored with life? If you are, please give me a call. Zero One Two Six Zero Five Two Dot Dot Dot. Yeah, just guess the last three digits.

Its a whole new chapter for me now. Chapter 19, Sad Sad Boy.

Tonight Red Devils will entertain The Gunners at 1.10 am my time. I cant wait to watch the match actually. And of course, I hope
Man Utd will win.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Good Morning.

In half an hour my EGE 182 test 1 will take place. Wish me best of luck. I just thought of writing this ;

You have to stand up on your own even when life is giving you
a hard , hard time.

My dear friend.

My dear friend, Gerard Allister Buing has a new girlfriend. Perfect cause today is V-day. But hes keeping this as a secret. He doesnt want me to know anything about this. To Gerard,


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Long-distance relationship

" Absence makes the heart grow fonder "- or so the saying goes.

But what if the time away is prolonged, or your partner is more relaxed about the situation? What if you are the one whos gonna stay and your partner is going away? What can you do about it? Can you stop thinking about it? How are you going to survive this phase? What are you going to do when your partner is away? Is your partner going to be loyal? What if your partner finds someone else? What if bla bla. Can you bla bla. Will you bla bla. bla bla bla bla.

So let me help you :p For you guys who have to deal with this problem, I can give some tips ( heh heh! ) First, be selfish! Think about yourself. About what you want. From there, you can set your own decisions. Always bare in mind that life is unpredictable. ( or maybe life is a box of chocolate )

Love is linked to being physically near and any threat to that is also a threat to your emotional security. Some might have said this ; If you loved me, you'd stay. And then you fight. Its hard being away from each other. U tend to fight because of every little thing. Jealousy or even when u are hungry! You just tend to fight. Being away from each other is undoubtably HARD. So what can u do about it? The key to making long-distance relationships work is to talk honestly and openly about how you feel. Couples often fall into this one stupid silly trap ; LETS PRETEND LIKE ITS OK. If asked, you both say ure fine and okay but deep inside, you are too sad but Too shy to admit it. Be Honest. Tell your partner the truth and please for god sake dont go overboard.

I agree that its quite hard to communicate once your partner has gone away. But try to keep track on things with your partner. Staying in touch regularly is the key to surviving a long-distance relationship.

Heres some of the things you can do to keep in touch.

*Use the technology! Variety ways to communicate; email, telephone, friendster,myspace, yourspace,herspace whateverspace etc etc

*Make surprise calls. It shows that you care.

*Send recent pictures of yourself

*Create a blog for you and your partner

*Send little gifts ( or big , to me ) (,")

*Give me money

*Do whatever you want.

See, there are actually a lot of things you can do in order to save the relationship. Make wise decisions. Do not jump to conclusions. Do not accuse your partner for something you are not even sure of. You love your partner. Make sure that everything goes well because true love is hard to find. But make sure youre aware of the reunion anticlimax. Life isnt a fantasy. Rainbow City doesnt exist. Winnie the pooh too. You might notice that your partner has changed in some ways so be extra careful.
Many couples feel disappointed and frustrated when things aren't as they'd hoped.

p/s : If you are too afraid of commitment, talk to your friends or u can let the tarantula bite you and pray u will turn out to be spiderman the next day.

so cute.



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Sunday, February 10, 2008

And.. Thats it.

How life is so bulldog and unfair. Time does not fly i tell you. It teleports ! Freaky. So fast and now she has left. Good luck to me. I cant do this.