Thursday, January 31, 2008

Helo February 2008, the month of --ness.

Close open my eyes and its 1st of February 2008. Yeap, the 1st month of the year is over. Cant believe it. The new year's celebration is still fresh up in my mind. Feels like it was just a week ago. I was sleeping actually. Its 3:50 am and im awake. I tried to sleep back but i just couldnt. Hey, its sad ( or funny ) because i dont tell people that i have a blog. Some people advertise their blogs to get thousands and thousands of comments. Not me. I prefer writing here without telling anybody. But still, i blog like i want people to read it. ( crap? ) haha what the fcuk ( frenhconnectionUK ) is on my mind ?

Okay back to business. Its February and i personally hate February 2008. Because of one thing. Shes leaving. Okay i cant hide the fact that im sad. But i dont have any idea why, why i cant face the fact that shes leaving. Its like, impossible for me. God knows what might happen there, duh. Well i apologize for blabbing about my feelings here. I dont want to make my blog too personal, remember? ( just in case you read my previous blogs )

Lets minimize on my stupid emo self and continue with other cute stuffs.

- My electrical measurement lecturer is a genius.
- I have a new friend, Okolili. ( Ask me who Okolili is )
- I think Yaseer is a lil gay. ( Ask me ask me )
- My Mathematics lecturer teaches like he's catching a stealth.

I have no specific reason why i wrote all that. Sorry. It is now 4:10 am. Oh yeah, Chinese New Year is just around the corner. I never cared about it actually. But CNY is such a big deal here. Of course. You want to know why? Because most of the students here are Chinese. Ha. And Im trying to learn mandarin now! heh. Happy Gong Xi Fa Cai to the people that celebrate Cny and happy holidays to the parasites. ( Including me *_* ) Its fun when family members gather and spend some time together. Its healthy to change opinions and to know whats going on in the family. Im going to have a week off from college ( starting tomorrow ) and seriously, im not looking forward at all. But but but, the nice thing is, the city will be half empty during Cny and i aint kidding you.

Currently, im listening to The Calling's whenever you will go. My super duper fav song when i was 12. yes. 12. I still remember how dramatic i was back then. I was crazy. Like, secretly crazy. I used to collect Ken. ( The fcuk(frenchconnectionUK) barbie Ken.) hahaha. And im still amazed where i found the guts to do that. Oh btw, Its now 4:30 am and im still awake (:

Thats my friend, Insomnia Johnson James a.k.a Mr JJ.

Buddha once said, Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.

So ladies and gentlemen, do not hold on to anger. Hit the one you hate and kill. Its entertaining!

Confucius on the other hand said,
When anger rises, think of the consequences.

So again ladies and gentlemen, think. What if the person you hate suddenly becomes your friends' good friend. Solution; KILL THEM!

And Aiman says, No man ( or woman ) can think clearly when he ( or she ) is angry.

So conclusion,
KILL the people you hate and then admit that you were not thinking straight. Apologize and act like nothing happened.

Follow whatever i said above and believe me, you'll be the Man.

.... The man behind bars. Mwahahahaha.

He killed his brother. According to some source, his brother stole his Bunana.
O_O !

Okay folks, its almost 5 now.

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy holidays once again. Please have a wonderful time with the love ones. You never know whats gonna happen in the future. Toorara.


Maybe most of you wonder what my title is all about.

Well, I'm writing about this passionate musician, Israel Kamakawiwo Ole.

He's performing ;)

Kamakawiwo'ole, the singer and musician who was better known as "Iz" and who drew the respect of music lovers and the Hawaiian community, died at Queen's Medical Center. The 38-year-old performer had problems with his weight and related illnesses and had been under care at the hospital for respiratory ailments. Israel was a huge guy but he still managed to create lovely music when he was still alive. He had traveled many roads in his life. Singing, composing, instrumentalizing, producing albums and winning other Na Hoku Hanohano awards. In 1994 he was chosen entertainer of the year. One of his covers, Somewhere over the rainbow/what a wonderful world, is my favourite song at the moment. To me, I think appearance is not important in order to achieve something good in life. Most people maybe look at him as a fat lazy guy but look, he has proven that his overweight problem is not a factor at all. According to some source, he really shared his love of his music and he was a joy to be around, people gravitated toward him and they will perpetuate his music.

List of his songs.

"No Kristo" 1976
"Kahea o Keale" 1977
"Keala" 1978
"Makaha Sons of Ni'ihau" 1979
"Mahalo Ke Akua" 1981
"Puana Hou Me Ke Aloha" 1984
"Ho'ola" 1986
"Makaha Bash 3 Live" 1991
"Ho'oluana" 1992

"Ka'ano'i" 1990
"Facing Future" 1993
"E Ala E" 1995
"n Dis Life" 1996

I believe his music will live for a very very long time. To 'Iz' , may you rest in peace.

Hooga Hooga!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Sabby Baby.

Harppy Harppy Birthday to my little sister. Shes now 1 year old!
Its so fun cause she because its her birthday and she doesnt know anything at all.
so blur -_-

When i decided to make a blog, i told myself that i do not want my blog to be too personal. I didnt want my blog to be like, a diary. Well, to be honest, I myself dont feel good right now. Because of certain things. No, I meant because of everything. Its funny when you think that life is really unfair, treating you like a toy whatsoever but then when you look back and consider about other unlucky people on planet earth(lets say kids that dont have anything to eat), you feel like life is just ooooookay. I read this one statement somewhere;

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life:
it goes on

Damn right its true. It goes on and on. And it sucks because at the end of the day you'll realized that life is too short.

I feel like crap. Lets talk about something more useful.

Ha! I read the paper today. Tadaaa,
Guess what.

Ashley Cole is a cheater! wow?

Okay i dont want to talk about him.


Actually i dont want to talk about anything right now. Cause i dont feel that good and definitely im not in the mood. Sigh.

Oh yeah, save planet Earth please. Reuse and recycle anything you can. I dont want my grandchildren to live with oxygen masks stuck on their faces 24/7.

Friday, January 25, 2008

say What?

Ive tonnes of work and im running out of time. I dont like this.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

hardwork hardwork hardwork

What is it with this direct selling thing? Its freaking annoying when some random guy comes up to you and offer you to be a part of the damn team and sell their products. First you have to create your own account, then invite even more people and you get money based on how many dumb people that are under you. One word, WoW.

i) Create account
ii) Buy products
iii) Try to sell it
iv) Invite friends
v) If fail, invite more friends
vi) If fail again, invite stupid people
vii) Again, if fail, byebye.

I have a friend whos recently just got involved with this thing and as usual , he
kept inviting me to join the business. Currently, he's a student and he said that i can make a million cash in no time. Just like that. Pooh?

s a student, i think that we should really enjoy our student life. We dont have to get dirty and work. No! Not now at least. That friend of mine has been missing classes. I approached him and he said he has been attending meetings for the company and whatever. Well, isnt he destroying his studies? His priority?
I agree that there are some people out there who dont have an easy life. They have to work more to get extra pay. But this direct selling company says that we dont have to actually work to get money. Sit down, relax and they'll feed our bank account weekly,monthly or whenever we want. I find that statement is really ridiculous. I strongly believe that $ doenst just come rolling to you or drop from the sky or grow on trees. In life, we should work to achieve what we want. Like they say, we get what we worked for. But to think of the reality, sometimes there are people out there who work really hard every day and night but dont get their reward. Its sad for them because they didnt choose to be in that kind of situation. I myself have never been in that position so i dont really know. mmMmmMaybe this is one of the factors why people join this so called job opportunity. But seriously saying, students should not join this. You might lose friends or even lose our way because of this. I suggest that students should study and as for money, ask from parents. If what you get is not enough, do part time jobs or come up with something more realistic. After all, there are many people claim that theyve been cheated and left bankrupt.

I hope my friend will realize what he's doing and come back to the right path.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Copy and paste.

This is what i got from

About a guy who did not sleep for 11 days. Read it.

Have you ever pulled an all-nighter to study for a test or get a project done for work? How about doing it 11 days in a row? A man in Cornwall, England, actually went 11 consecutive days without a wink of sleep.

On May 24, 2007, Tony Wright, a 42-year-old horticulturalist, claimed to have beaten the record of 264 hours (exactly 11 days) set in 1964 by 17-year-old American Randy Gardner. Wright had some practice: he had already been through more than 100 sleep deprivation experiments, with the longest one lasting eight days. He also employed a unique diet that comprised only raw foods. Wright claims that his regimen of salad, avocados, bananas, pineapple, nuts, seeds, carrot juice and herbal tea helped his brain to stay awake. He also says that it allowed him to "switch" from one side of his brain to the other when one got tired. (Whales and dolphins are known to employ similar brain-switching techniques, which allow one part of their brain to rest while the other focuses on breathing and other basic functions.)

In order to chronicle his attempt, Wright confined himself to a live music venue called Studio Bar in Penzance, Cornwall, and allowed a Webcam to monitor him the entire time. He also kept a blog for the BBC, though he stopped blogging on the tenth day because he found it too difficult to concentrate enough to write coherently. The public visited Wright at the Studio Bar or kept track of him through his Webcam.

Though it's believed that Wright broke Randy Gardner's sleep deprivation record, the Guinness Book of World Records no longer acknowledges sleep deprivation attempts because they feel that they're too dangerous. Some have also claimed that Gardner's record was already broken by Toimi Soni of Finland, who went 276 hours without sleep, and that the record was in the Guinness Book until they removed the category entirely in1989 [Source: The Times].

The health concerns for prolonged sleeplessness are potentially severe. After five days, Wright wrote in his blog that he saw "giggling dancing pixies and elves" in place of the text on his computer screen [Source: BBC]. He had difficulty understanding the speech of others and developed blisters on his feet, although those were due to long sessions of playing pool with various friends and visitors. However, after 11 days, Wright told reporters, "I do not feel tired yet. There is a bit of adrenaline pumping around" [Source: The Scotsman].

Gawddamn. His face must be like this



My current mood ; Lazy.

I just got back from the damn lab. Before that, I had the Engineering Drawing class. The lecturer is a wise man ( I really think he is ) although he talks a lot ( A hell lot). Yeah so i was having the class from 2-4 and around 3 oc he gathered all of us and said this ;
' Its time for General Knowledge!! '

And I practically said ' Uhhh ' quite loud ( and caught some attentions ) cause i thought he was going to blab about Sh*ts.

But oh well as usual, I was wrong.

First thing, when all of us were in front of his eyes, he asked, ' Does time exist? '

Woww, what do you think?

And my classmate answered, ' Nope. It does not '. And yeah it is true because time really does not exist. Why? Because we human created it. ( Dont know when) You see, god never mentioned something like ;- when the sun is right about your head, its 12 o'clock. No. Never.

the say we clocks are common need in life.

And of course he did a very interesting speech about this topic( I told you i was wrong ) saying that we take things for granted without knowing anything. So after he bla bla bla for quite some time, I actually believed that we DO take things for granted. Let me share something with you guys. Lets take 2 different countries now. Ummm, I say Malaysia and United Kingdom. Ok.

I assume you guys know what longitude and latitude are so picture this. Both Malaysia and U.K are not on the same longitude. And thats the reason we have different time zones. Countries that are located on same longitude have same time zone. Assume time now in Malaysia is 12 p.m and U.K is 4 am. So start doing this, take two fingers, hit Malaysia and U.K ( on earth globe ). Move further north ( follow the longitude) Further and further north until you reach a same bloody point. And sh*t you not, you'll end up at North Pole. So you tell me now, does North Pole shares same time as U.K and Malaysia? How is that even possible? Ha-Ha and i guess North Pole is the only place guys can say this to their girlfriend. ' Anytime baby.. Anytimeee ;) '

So conclusion, North Pole has no time.
yeah. hahahaha

So what is this thing all about? Its mixed up now and we do not have any problems? Well i guess there are 6 billion peeps in this world and most of them live near the center of the earth. So there; no problems we need to have different time zones.

Okay now, lets talk about the international date line. What is it actually?
The International Date line or IDL

It is a north-south line that runs through the Pacific Ocean. It generally follows the 180° line of longitude. Interesting ain't it?

If you want to cross the line, there is a major thing you have to consider. Days will not be same after you crossed the line.
Crossing the line traveling east results in a day or 24 hours being subtracted, and crossing west results in a day being added. Get it?

So how funny it is if i eat my breakfast when im on the left side of the line and then i shift to the right side and eat my dinner?
And isnt it weird if a guy sails his ship like this?

Think about it. Maybe we do take things for granted. heh

Monday, January 14, 2008

Im just simply bored.

There is a saying ;

If the shoe does not fit, should we change the foot?
Personally i think that line is very meaningful. In life, we experience new things, we meet new people and we also come across different things in our daily life. Whats important is that how we suit ourselves in the community. Some people arent that friendly to others but some are really friendly. The main idea that i get from the saying above is that we, should not try so hard to fit in. Dont get me wrong here. I dont mean to say that we should not be friends with others but it is just more like we should be true when we meet new people, new friends or even new society. Think about it, most of us spend maybe a quarter of our 'time' living with parents. When we're done with high school, we go to college. (Again, i mean most of us. Some people are not lucky like most of us and we should be thankful to be lucky.) And on top of that, people say that college days are the best days in ones life. We meet new people and even some meet their partners in college. Come back to the point, I really think that the first thing we should really have is our own true base. Meaning that no matter where we are, what community we're in, we know what we're capable of and we dont get spoiled easily.

Maybe i should reconsider about that 'spoiled' part and replace it with influenced.
Well at least this what i think. Im not pointing fingers and blame people here. I dont want to do that.
Plus, if you think some changes are good for you, then why dont you change, right? And Im not saying that everyone is useless or 'just wanna party type' in college. No thats not true. We should know the good and bad in everything and decide what to do with it.

p/s : I hate being all wise and shit but im just bored and decided to write on this.

after all, we should be happy and choose our own shoes right? ;)

Wozzie Dozzie.


He is my idol and also my mentor. He is Steve Wozniak or better known iWoz. He's the co-founder of the Multi Billionaire Company, Apple. Ooooo yeah. He's the man. Together with Steve Jobs, he did a marvelous job and created the computer. Despite the problems he had to face, he still managed to develop Apple II ( A good modern computer that time ;p ) I read the book iWoz which is the actual story of his life and since then i was fascinated about him. (People say a lot wrong things about him. But he himself was involved with this book. So yeah)

This is Apple II btw ;)

Being grown up in a simple family, Wozniak's father was the one who introduced him to electronics. He was a brilliant kid. Excelled well in school. His fav subjects are Mathematics and Science. ( He said Math is pure logic. hah) Later in life, Steve Wozniak met Steve Job ( So we have 2 Stevoss now!! =p ) and grew up together. What really catches my attention is that his way of life. He's a Billionaire but he leads a very simple life. Hes the founder of Apple but hes working as an engineer there. Come on.. A rich dude but doesnt want to sit down and be like other rich dudes?? Oh yeah, he started the phone hacking too with this crappy old dude. Wozniak was not into drugs or alcohol when he was in college. Instead, he labels himself in his book as a nerd. A computer geek. Heh? See, a geek that turns into a booolaabooo man now!

If i'm not mistaken, he said something like this ;

'For young people that has the idea but no money, i suggest you stick to the idea. You never know when is the hit point of your life where you can use your idea to develop something big. Keep in mind that idea is always the first thing that comes in your head. Believe in yourself because no one is better than you'

So to my hero Wozniak, thank you for everything you have done. (:


Sunday, January 13, 2008


Ahhhhh. Mono...poly.

Some say that it is just an ugly stupid freaking board game. Well maybe thats what i thought =]

Plus, who the hell this old man thinks he is? Some kind of a Jiggaboo or what?

And lately, okay maybe a month back, we all decided to play monopoly ; the new set of monopoly ( its so freaking cool cause it has this electronic bank thingy!! hahaha ).

There, this damn fudging cool stuff.

So heres the truth, I am Addicted to this thing that i called stupid. Sheeeeesh. Honestly, Its fun because of just one thing, i can really act like i amm a millionaire. *KACHING KACHING* Really. No joke. The starting money is 15 Millliiiooon!! Yeaaa with short dirty pants and odd looking t-shirt, I actually have 15 mil in maaa pocket. At least at that moment. Hee Hee. Its nice when you have a group of friends and start playing Monopoly.


ok im kidding but do try this thing. I know that white old dude looks happy but he is not =P Plus, you can waste your time and tease your friends too. ;) tarara.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

College , again. Tooot

Ahh Yes, im back in nilai. College has started. Today i had my first class for this Sem. Electrical Measurement. All together im taking all these 4 subjects as written below. AND IM GONNA DIE

a) Engineering Mathematics 3
b) Engineering Drawing
c) Electrical Calculations
d) Circuit Theory 2

Well, to be frank. I miss studying in college. The privacy i get.
Alone in the room and the world is just mine. Despite that, I do really miss home. I miss my Parents, siblings, Yasmin, friends, everything. I miss home. But this is what i have to do now. I need to concentrate and score.

Okay, I bought this diary.
New years Resolution ; Keep track on everything. From activities to money.

And guess what, im too lazy to write. It happens all the time. Oh yeah, i just finished watching Nanny diaries. Quite a good movie. Scarletttoooo. The movie did make me think about life. What to be, What i want to be and stuffs. Its just, weird seeing all the people there live very very differently from us here. Scarlett acts well in the movie, as a nanny. She takes care of a boy who has everything but love from his own parents. And sorry, im lazy to blaaab about the movie here. Plus its late. Im gonna go off to Lalaland now. Gooordnight

Oh yea, say hello to Scarlett Johansson.